I got it

I got the job. I also had another job offer. I was searching for less than 2 weeks and I got the job that I am going to love. I was reading about looking for a job and they say it takes several MONTHS to find one for the average adult looking for a good job. And I got one in under 2 weeks. I feel so blessed.

Now, I’m taking a pay cut, which kind of sucks, but I believe this job is going to help me in my career path, and if it takes a small pay cut to get where I want to go, that’s okay! I want to enjoy what I do, and thrive in my work environment. And the second I stepped Into the office, I felt completely at home. I feel that good things are coming my way, and I’m so excited!

I am super sad that I’m not going to be with my baby all day. I am going to miss her so much during the day. But I’m doing all this for her. I want her to have the best female role model, and I’m in the middle of creating just that.

I have to talk about something. Something I find very amazing, and makes me very proud of myself.

Walking into the first interview, I was prepped, I was ready for whatever they threw at me. Generally that didn’t make any difference, is still be nervous and my voice would shake. But as I sat their, waiting for my interviewers to grab me, I was thinking to myself abouy how I wanted to portray myself. And I thought, if I exude confidence in this interview, and if I act how I want to be portrayed, that is what they will see. And I did it. I acted like I had nothing to lose, like I owned the world. And it. Was. Invigorating.

When the guy came out to grab me, I firmly shook his hand, gave him a huge smile and started a conversation. The normal, timid in awkward situations, me would have been dying on the Inside. But not this new, confident woman. When I walked into the room with the other interviewer, again I shook her hand, smiled and asked how her day was and started talking about the amount of traffic of i5, as if I had known her for years. And she immediately responded to it, I could tell she loved my confidence. And I loved it too.

In the Interview my answers were on point every time, but I spoke with ease, as if I were talking to a friend Instead of being a robot. I was amazing. I knew I had the job, it was no question in my mind.

And I got it, it’s mine, and I am so excited! Not just about the job, but about the woman I’m becoming. Confident, smart, witty, successful and ON FIRE. This is the woman I’ve always wanted to be, and dammit, I’m not stopping. It feels so damn good.

I walked into the house after the interview and H saw me in my power suit, heels and perfectly done hair and he couldn’t stop staring. I just feel so damn good!


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