He bragged about us

Last night I  our couples session, things were going well. We were working on perspectives. It was Hs turn to bring up a situation that would possibly get both of us a little heated, but not too much. H brought up my reaction to the picture when we were on the plane ride to vegas. H explained what he saw, thought and felt, and I reiterated. In the end, the therapist said I had done a great job not putting any of my perspective in. He was impressed how I allowed H to talk and not interrupt. He asked how I did it, and I said “today’s session was about him and how he feels things and sees things, and I wanted to give him that. I’m learning to listen better and allow him to feel okay with thinking and feeling his own way”.

After that portion, the therapist was talking about arguments and how men and women differ In  the style of argument. We got on the topic of our argument style, and H brought up this weekend when I got frustrated with him.

To make a long story short, H wanted me to step outside my comfort zone and do something that I knew wasn’t going to work, and I did it knowing it wouldnt work. When i told him it wasnt going to work, he got frustrated with the situation, and in a way made me feel bad about it in front of a ton of people (most likely non of whom were listening, but still awkward). I was super upset with him, but only 2 minutes later we solved the problem and moved on.

H started bragging about how well we were improving in that area of our life together, and sounded super proud of us. It was so nice to hear that.

Today H sent me a text thanking me for everything I do and how hard I work. He said he was lucky to have me in his life.

I know these are little things, but they remind me to be positive about my life and the healthy relationship I’m building with H.



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