We got back Sunday afternoon. It was a fun weekend!

We left Friday morning and got to Oregon around 4 pm. We stopped a few places along the way to pick 1 person up and then we went to eat. We got to the campground, put our stuff in the cabin and left for the festival. It was a lot of fun this year (because I wasn’t pregnant this time). We stayed for a few hours, went back to the campground and then made a fire and had some drinks. It was a great first night away!

Saturday we got a later start (our friends are late risers and slow movers). We grabbed breakfast and headed out to seaside and cannon beach. In seaside we went to some outlet shops, shopped around and then went to our favorite little aquarium. At this aquarium you get to throw fish to the seals, they do tricks for the fish and will splash you. It’s pretty cute, and a ton of fun. After seaside we drove to cannon beach. We walked around, went down to the beach, grabbed lunch and just hung out in the cute little town. When we went back, it got really stormy. We went into our friends cabin and played a bunch of drinking games. We played games until about 11, and then decided to go back to the cabin (we were in the same cabin as some of our friends). They went to the bathroom and H tried to get a quicky in, but while we were trying, our friends came in. Fortunately we were under blankets, side by side and he had JUST STARTED trying to get my pants off. After our friends came in we started talking and joking around. While that was going on, H was putting his hands in my pants under the blankets. I whispered to him that we should say we needed to go to the bathroom, and just go into the individual showers. So we snuck into a room together and made love in the shower. It’s things like that that keep things fun and exciting. It’s nice feeling desirable to H.

Sunday we got another late start (I had to wake up early to pump, but I just hung out in the room after that, waiting for everyone else to wake up). We left the camp and headed to astoria for breakfast. We went to a dive bar, and as soon as we sat down the waiter had a super bad attitude with us and told us he couldn’t do anything for us for atleast 15 minutes. We said okay no worries and waited. 20 minutes later, and after watching him serve several other people who came in after us, we left super annoyed and hangry. We hadnt eaten all day and it was 11AM. We went to another place we passed esrlier, and upon entering, were immediately welcomed by the waiter. We sat down  in a nice bright area that had jazz music playing. The chef came out and told us his specials, and brought our drinks right away. They had bottomless mimosas! I almost got one, but then realized that I was going home to nurse my baby and thought better. But the coffee. Oh my god it was good. Maybe the horrible experience at the other place made this experience seem way sweeter, but it was so awesome!

After brunch we made the trek back home in the horrible Sunday traffic. When we got home we immediately left to go grab baby from her grandma and grandpa. She was happy to see us, but slightly confused. When we went home, she almost immediately fell asleep. We put her to bed and just lounged the rest of the night. It was a perfect end to a busy weekend.

During that whole weekend, there were only a few short times that I felt a little stressed. I’m used to that feeling now, as it’s become a part of my daily routine. But I was able to quickly think of something else and I wasn’t affected by the stress like I can be at times. Some days I’m better at diverting my attention than other. Every day is progress and I become more confident in my ability to think of other things.

It’s so nice to get away from the daily grind. I needed a weekend to refresh my spirits, and this weekend did the trick. Especially since I came home to a VERY cranky baby with teeth just under the gums. Woah, teething babies are no joke!


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