Lent D3

Well today I’m just too damn sick and exhausted to think of anything other than my own misery. But that’s good, I suppose!

Last night our 5 month old slept the ENTIRE night in her bedroom for the first time. She did so well not being in our room, I think I’ll try to keep it this way. Although she slept the entirety of the night, I did not. My throat is so incredibly sore I can barely think….

And to top it off, H and I made plans with friends like… a week ago. We don’t want to cancel, so I’m going to load up on tylenol and hope for the best! H’S sister has baby tonight.

Can I just boast of the amazing family we have? Seriously ANY time H and I want to go out, we have someone who will take her no questions asked. We are so incredibly blessed, sometimes it brings me to tears.

I challenge you to let someone know how much you appreciate them. Sometimes I feel like I don’t say it enough to the people I appreciate the most. Let those people know just how much they mean to you. ❤


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