Maybe some sunshine after the storm?

Yesterday my blog post was about an old boyfriend contacting me and hitting on me, and being concerned that it wasn’t worrying H as much as I felt it should…..

Well guys, sometimes it’s almost unquestionable to me that God exists. I got home last night, and while H was getting ready to feed baby, he asked “so that guy is still trying to talk to you?” I responded that he was and that I thought it was weird. I showed him my Instagram and told him I couldn’t figure out how to block him. A little while later, we were sitting on the couch and he asked for my phone because he wanted to see the message the guy had sent. He read it and then figured out how to block him.
We got baby to sleep, and we were cuddling on the couch, as we normally do, when he started rubbing my low back. He doesn’t normally do that, so I thought for sure he was making a move. But then he got up to let the dogs out. I decided he was probably just being sweet and thought I’d appreciate a back rub. When he came back to the couch, though, he layed right on top of me and started kissing my neck. We quickly moved into the bedroom.

Either his sex drive is increasing for some reason, or he felt pretty threatened by the old boyfriend trying to hit on me… this was our second time having sex in a week… a real improvement from just a few weeks ago! I think he is also feeling like more of a man because he is the one initiating the sex. I made it a point not to initiate, as I didn’t want to make him feel pressured. He is now doing all the initiating, and I am 100% okay with that. it makes me feel sexy and let’s me see how much he wants me. I like feeling like he gets turned on just thinking about me, instead of having to turn him on intentionally.

I hope this continues. I’m enjoying it a lot. And It gives me more motivation to lose the rest of this baby weight, which is seriously slowing down… why are the last few pounds nearly impossible to lose?! Today I worked out for over an hour, and enjoyed every second of it. Maybe by our Vegas trip I’ll look amazing in a bikini? fingers crossed that happens!

How many of you betrayed’s are being told there wasn’t enough sex in your marriage, and that’s what caused your SO to look elsewhere, and how many of you are being told it’s because you weren’t giving them enough or the right kind of emotional attention? Obviously in my case it was the emotional attention that I wasnt giving him. At least the kind he needed. It’s hard! In some ways you grow as a couple, and in other ways you grow as individuals. I really think that being open about what you want AND need is so important. Everyone changes, that doednt necessarily mean you arent good for eschother anymore! I think H was just assuming that I’d know what he needed, instead of taking me by the face, looking me in the eyes and telling me. But… he is telling me now and I am telling him. We have figured eachother out (not completely), but it happened after the most horrible thing… I suppose there is sunshine after a storm, and maybe I’m starting to experience that now. I hate to get my hopes up, but maybe the affair was put in our lives to open our eyes up to the problems we had so we could work to become a stronger team… maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I always like to keep a positive attitude.


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