A good day

on Sunday, H, H’s dad and I went off roading in our samurai. We had been planning this for about a week and were both looking forward to this, as it’s one of out favorite things to do together. The morning started like any other since D-day. H got up way before he had to, got ready and paced the floors. I, being a new mother who is up all times of the night was awake, but nursing… and half asleep. Finally, our little one nodded off and I got up to get ready. I brought our daughter to my parents house, as they were going to watch her for the day. On my way home I got a call from H saying on his way to get gas he had run out of gas (so he hoped).
I thought to myself “why God? Why are you taking away this day, a day that was supposed to be fun and was supposed to take our minds off of everything?”
Fortunately, it just ran out of gas, and we were on the road only a few minutes late!
We headed off to the meeting spot, which was McDonald’s  (a tradition in our off roading ventures), and everything seemed so normal. Like, really normal. It felt so good to just have a normal day with H.
We headed out to the mountains, and had a blast driving around in the snow. It was beautiful, and we were happy.
We really do enjoy eachothers company. He is my best friend, and I his.
His dad’s rig got stuck pretty early on, so we couldn’t go any further, but on the way down we found a spot that we could have some fun In our rig, and spent a while there. Seriously… it was a good day.
On our way back we stopped at a local shop for ice cream (another tradition) and then headed home to grab our little one.
We got home and she fell asleep immediately, so H and I went out into the garage to work on a car he just bought. He let me do some of the work while he taught me how(something I never do with him) and we had so much fun, laughing at each other, talking about a whole lot of nothing… like old times.
Seriously, could today get any better?
Finally, I removed a part and it ended up draining a whole bunch of oil all over me, so we called it a night.
I went in to shower, and stayed there a while… mostly thinking about our fun day, but also thinking about how much I want my husband to make a move on me. It’s been a month… and I just wanted him to make me feel wanted…. no amount of good days can replace physical intimacy when going through this sort of thing. I wanted to be even closer to H, but i knew he needed time.
He got in the shower with me (this is nothing new, we always shower together… talk about making the whole no sex thing even harder… my husband is so incredibly good looking…) we showered and got out… nothing. We brushed our teeth, did our normal nightly routine, got into bed…. and then it happened. He kissed me, but not just our usual peck, he kissed me long intimately. And finally he made the move.
Guys…. it was good. Like, really freaking good. Seriously, it was some of the best we had ever had.
It was a hard month of nothing, but when I look back on it, I’m glad I let him make the move. I think he needed that.
I feel like every day I make progress, and WE make progress. Some days more than others.
It was a good day. Something I didn’t think would be possible in the first weeks after D-day.

I don’t know much, but what I do know is that I love that man more than anything in this world. If I have to make sacrifices for him, I will. I choose him every day, and I will continue to choose him. He is my reason for living.


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