I hate you!

I know this isn’t just the fault of the other woman, and that my husband is completely at fault. I also know that you took advantage of a man in his weakest moments, and succeeded. You see, the man I married would never have done this. But through months of bottling up his feelings for fear of hurting me, he needed someone to vent to, and while he was venting to you, you came onto a weak man. I hate you and everything you stand for.

I hate you for befriending my husband even though you yourself were married and had been the victim of an affair.

I hate that, knowing how much pain affairs cause, you still continued to pursue your friendship with my husband.

I hate that you saw him in his moment of weakness and jumped at the opportunity to tell him your feelings for him.

I hate that you came to the hospital when I had just given birth to our daughter.

I hate that you emailed him talking about loving my daughter like your own. Fuck the idea that you’d ever even touch her, and Fuck you.

I hate that you work with him and see him every day.

I hate that you were pregnant with your husbands child and still pursued my husband.

I hate that you pretended to understand him, and made him feel heard, even though you never had to live with him and go through the every day Bullshit with him.

I hate that I let you define my happiness.

I hate that you are my first thought in the morning, and my last before falling asleep.

I hate that you have dirtied my marriage, and taken the sacred bond with my husband away from me.

I hate that you broke the female code, said Fuck you to reason, and fell for a married man who happens to be my husband.

I hate how disgusting you are, physically and mentally.

I hate that you look like a troll, and my husband still fell for your bullshit because you made him feel heard.

I hate that I let you make me feel like I’m not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough for my husband.

I hate you for breaking up my family.

I hate you for being a shitty person, having a shitty life and bringing down everyone around you into your shitty existence.

I hate you for everything you are.

I hate you for your existence

I hate you because you breathe

I hate you because you find happiness in other people’s pain.

I hate you because your husband will never have to know the shitty things you’ve done.

I hate you for being alive

I hate you for taking my daughters precious time with her daddy away from her.

I hate that you believed you actually had a chance to be with my husband, and I hate that you were okay with taking him away from his daughter and I.

I hate that you don’t have to feel guilty.

I hate that because you work with my husband, I stress about you trying to get him back

I hate that my days are filled with unanswered questions about what you have caused.

I hate that I let a shitty person like you make me stress and feel sad.

I hate that you made my husband question his love for me.

I hate you. Everything you are, everything you’ve done and everything you will do in your future. If I could lower myself to your standards, I’d walk up to you, spit in your face and walk away. But I’m a better person than you are, and even though you think you’ve broken me, i have come out of this a stronger woman. I will never again let you define my happiness or make me feel sad. I laugh at you and your pathetic games. All you are to me is a coward, a home wrecker and a stupid pathetic whore. I hope you have a hard time sleeping at night because of how disgusting you are. I hope that the day you die you still hate yourself for what you’ve done. I hope that your husbands finds out what a whore you are and leaves you and takes your baby with him. Because no baby deserves to have such a piece of shit mother.

So Fuck you, A. D. from Burien Washington. Fuck you and your stupid, pathetic existence. I hope you rot.

God that felt good.


4 thoughts on “I hate you!

  1. Love this! You should read my “letter to the whore” on my blog. I actually sent it to her work certified mail.


    1. I think I HAVE read yours! Seriously feels so good to get it out and let it go! I haven’t communicated with the other woman, as I don’t think it would help ME on my road to recovery, but I feel that everyone is different, and some people NEED that to help them. I know it would probably feel great to me in the immediate aftermath of sending it, but I feel that I would regret it later. Do you regret that at all, or does it still feel good? I’m curious to know if/how she responded!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No regrets at all. I sent it about 5 months after dday. No response from her of course since she is a coward. But I did say in my letter that she wasn’t to contact any of us, so she heeded my advice. I did need to tell her how I felt but would’ve much rather done it over the phone. It did feel good to let it out how much I despised what she did, how my husband now perceived her, how my life was never going to be hers, how my children knew and hated her as well. She would’ve never survived a relationship with my husband because I would’ve made her life a living hell. It was pure fantasy based on a load of lies.


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